The Skate Sports Support Organization (SSSO) originally established in 2013 and restructuered in 2019 now aims to support athletes and coaches to develop and promote emerging and upcoming skate sports.
As our primary activity, we have been offering the “By the Athletes, For the Athletes” scholarships.
In school and corporate sports club activities, alumni support currently active club members. When they become alumni, they start supporting the next generation. This chain creates a tradition and fosters competitive players and teams.We think the scholarships that the scholars repay are not debts, but they have earned for the support of next
generation. In order to have many people understand our “By the Athletes, For the Athletes” spirit, we respect the
thought and wish of each scholar in selecting the next scholarship athletes and coaches.
Both Japanese and foreigners are eligible for our scholarships. Please feel free to contact the
following for details.

Masao Kato
President, Skate Sports Support Organization
2-21-14-201, Bessho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0363 Japan