English Message

We, the Skate Sports Support Organization (SSSO), are currently providing scholarships and donations to support not only skate sports athletes in roller derby and inline alpine but also other amateur athletes and people engaged in cultural activities.
There are mainly two types of support. One is an interest-free loan-type “Skate Sports Scholarship” that supports amateur skate sports athletes living in Japan to participate in international tournaments and championships held in Japan and overseas.
The other is donations and sponsorship that support people who are engaged in various sports and cultural activities held in Japan. If you are planning any new sports and cultural events that aim for international friendships promotion and regional revitalization, please let us consider them for our donations and sponsorship. And if your event is currently crowdfunding in Japan, please let us know about it.
Masao Kato
President, Skate Sports Support Organization(SSSO)
2-21-14-201, Bessho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0363 Japan